San Gennaro in Time

History of a people and of his Holy

Naples? III sec. - Pozzuoli, September 19 305

Gennaro was born in Naples (?), In the second half of the third century, and was elected bishop of Benevento, where he carried out his ministry, loved by the Christian community and respected even by the pagans. In the context of the persecutions of Diocletian fits the story of his martyrdom. He knew the deacon Sosso (or Sossio) who led the Christian community of Misenum and was jailed by Judge Dragonio, proconsul of Campania. Gennaro knew the arrest of Sosso, he wanted to go along with two companions, Festo and Desiderio to bring her solace in prison. Dragonio informed of his presence and meddling, he also shut down three of them, provoking protests from Proculus, deacon of Pozzuoli and two Christian faithful of the same city, Eutyches and Acuzio. These three also were arrested and sentenced together with others to die in the amphitheater, which still exists today, to be eaten by bears. But during the preparations for the proconsul Dragonio, he noticed that the people showed sympathy for the prisoners and then expecting unrest during the so-called games, he changed his decision and on September 19 of the 305 prisoners beheaded.